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We monetize your online music usage

Teezir is a global pioneer in providing custom monitoring solutions since 2006. We specialize in monitoring and monetizing online music and music events. We are able to detect and identify any form of online music, even the smallest fragments (0.1 sec) which helps the creators to earn money for their music! Our innovative monitoring tool provides real time information and analyses on what’s being said and announced on the internet. This creates opportunities to spot new markets, it offers new ways of communication and alerts in case of possible threats. Our social media monitoring and webcare tool is leading in the Dutch market!

Text analysis

Text mining is the process of determining and collecting high-quality information from unstructured text. The very first step of text mining is information retrieval—that is, building a
database to analyze. This database can be virtually any type of text, from a mass of Twitter posts to a collection of scientific papers, depending on the focus of the organization conducting the analysis. Once a database of text has been established, Teezir engages a number of sophisticated text analytics systems that aim to answer three broad questions:

  • Who is talking and who/what are they discussing?
  • What are they saying?
  • How do they feel?

These three categories are roughly definable by our core features.

  • Named entity extraction
  • Themes
  • Categories
  • Intentions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Summarization
Text analysis

Lead Generator

Lead Generator

A sophisticated tool that generates leads for your business by screening all relevant online resources. The screening if being performed based on a multi keyword query which will lead to relevant output. The leads will be shown in a real time dashboard.

Custom solutions

Teezir has a proven track record in building innovative and valuable search and analyses solutions. To name a few examples:

  • Website scraping to gather useful market information
  • Sophisticated query’s to gather market data or check existing data/li>
  • Database management; we verify and analyse database content and enrich databases by harvesting new content
  • Social CRM: enrich CRM database, setup online panels/li>
Custom solutions


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